The Path of Touch
  Tantric Massage

Touch is a vital form of nourishment and affirmation, and sensual massage a way of communicating non-verbally and directly. To receive a tantra massage is to be initiated into tantric experience and tantric consciousness. Often tantra massage can be the first contact with energy and the energy body and the potential of expanding sexual energy into the whole body. On the path of touch you learn to give these massage initiations, whether privately to a partner or professionally to clients.
A wide breadth of tantra massage and erotic massages are taught together with an understanding of presence and different kinds of touch, both physical and energetic. Sequences of techniques which form a developmental series of deepening initiations will be shared, which can be used with a lover to go deep into intimacy, or as a professional opening the first door into tantra for your clients.

What is Tantra Massage?

Tantra massage is an initiation into tantra, the masseur gives the client a direct experience of the principles of the Tantric paradigm, its way of perceiving the world. The experience of ourselves as an energy being is an important part of this paradigm, including our sexual energy, our heart energy and our spirit. But the expression tantra massage has been hijacked in many circles to sell erotic/sexual massage. This is a wrong use of the word tantra. Tantra is the ancient art of opening up our experience of our potential for energy and consciousness.

Tantra says:

  • We are a channel that connects heaven and earth.
  • You have an energy body that connects you with everything that surrounds you.
  • Tantra is the path of sensitivity.
  • The body is the temple of the spirit.
  • Experiencing the energy body leads to an expansion of awareness, of the consciousness of who we are.
  • The base of tantra is to experience oneself as a flow of energy and a point of consciousness.

Our massages give you an experience of your potential beyond sexual relief, beyond the healing of shame, in the direction of a realization of your aliveness and liberation.


In tantra the spine is not so much a structure, holding us together, but a river, a flow of energy and aliveness. It connects our sex heart and spirit, our pelvis and our consciousness as we raise the sacred sexuality as the serpent that sleeps in the base of our spine.
The spine is the base for relaxing and enlivening the whole body.

60 minute version:
deep tissue massage of the muscles on either side of the spine to release stress and the deep tension where we are holding our energy back (literally).

90 minute version:
A massage of the neck and shoulders follows to release our burdens, our stress and effort and the control of our head over our body.

120 minute version:
We follow with the Tantric kundalini massage to experience the sacred sexual energy rising up the spine into our consciousness to feel the connection of sex and spirit and the liberation of our energy into the cosmos.



90 minutes
Our heart is the key to opening to life, to love and to aliveness. It is the place of our truth and our courage to live that truth, to be vulnerable and to feel our value without the pressure to be perfect.
We begin with the complete breath to use our full lung capacity and raise our energy, supported by a massage of the pectoral and intercostal muscles. There follows the Taoist massage for opening the heart, enabling us to trust and reach out into the world to give and receive with the heart.


60 minute version:
Awakening the senses. The world bombards us with ever stronger and faster stimuli, and this makes us less and less sensitive. This results in us needing more and more stimulation to feel anything.
We begin with the ritual of the awakening of the senses, where we offer one stimulus at a time for one of the senses (hearing, smell, taste, touch). In this way our other senses, which are usually dominated by the sense of sight, become deliciously enhanced and we experience with extraordinary vividness, letting ourselves be really touched by the world.

120 minute version:
The ritual is followed by the massage of the five kinds of touch. Our body is cleansed of old patterns of perception and our original sensitivity and freshness is brought into the skin.




Tantra says that we have two bodies.
The physical body is the base for our energy body. Our energy body conecgts our sex, our heart and our spirit. When we become conscious, aware of our energy body we come into contact with all the energies that surround us, both in the world of people, of nature, and of spirit.

60 minute version:
A massage with essential oils to open and feel the chakras.

90 minute version:
followed by awakening the sacred body, a massage to connect sex, heart and spirit.

120 minute version:
followed my massages of the energy body, to experience ourselves as an energy being.


60 minute version:
Wave massage to experience how life energy can flow through us, and that we are not an island in the ocean of life but we are part of that ocean.
90 minute version:
Followed by the biorelease massage to liberate held back energy in the spine, and with the kundalini massage to let it flow up the spine.
120 minute version:
Becoming active with breath and movement to raise and charge up our bodies with life energy.



Healing the pelvis and the sex. 
Our bodies remember all negative experiences from the past. They stay in us in the form of tension, pain, deadness or as fear, shame, anger or depression. 
Through healing yoni we can release the past and become more open for loving sexual pleasure.


120 minutes
A traditional massage to open the meridians and let our life energy and sexual energy flow through the whole body.
It is not only good for our health, but also opens our potential for sensitivity and bliss in our whole being.

Pregnant women massage


To help you feel deeply comfortable with your pregnancy and to prepare the body for a more flowing birth.


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