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Sonia Sung

My name is Sonia and my deepest desire is to offer you a safe container for you to find your own truth, wisdom and power, just as I have received through my own unexpected journey with tantra.

I was born into a traditional Chinese family, where emotions were repressed and speaking about sexuality was taboo. I started my spiritual path when I moved to the UK in 1991 where I spent years apprenticing as a Reiki master and complimented this experience with becoming a Shiatsu practitioner. Yoga, five rhythm dancing and meditation are things I love to practice regularly. Vipassana retreats have also been a real source of nourishment for me.

Through my teacher, Jewels Wingfield, who I met in 2010, I experienced the beauty of working in a circle of kindred spirits and how a strong and safe environment can support healing and a deep transformation. I learnt about menopause, self parenting and the importance of having sisterhood in my life.

Reaching menopause was a game changer for me. I felt the need for renewal and for turning my attention within. I started traveling and seeking answers, this took me back to Asia. That is when I met Alexander, my partner. He introduced me to John Hawkens, whose devotion to his work, his experience and wisdom made my training a deeply transformational journey towards finding my truth and my sexuality.

Tantra felt like the missing piece I’d been seeking. A place where true intimacy can be found, not through the head but through the whole body. I started questioning how I have been avoiding pleasure and why? I experienced pleasure as the source of my power & it was time to reclaim it.

My intention and passion is to share these teachings with people who want to explore the wisdom and landscape of their own bodies, their authentic selves. Our body is our teacher therefore I don’t see myself as the teacher, just as a space holder for you to do just that.

As a fellow human who has also suffered in the past and has benefited massively from this transformation, it brings me nothing but joy to be able to help facilitate others on this journey, to help shine a light on the past so people can walk their paths too.


Alexander Bauer

After surviving a serious illness in my early childhood and feeling the helplessness of those who cared for me, I learnt to develop a deep trust in the wisdom of my own body.

Having completed my Business Studies degree and following the death of my father, I moved to Vienna where I studied martial arts with Sensei Fujinaga for ten years. It was only when I graduated with 2nd Dan that it became clear to me that I was actually working on shutting myself off from my connection to the world and to myself.

In pursuit of this connection, I began a six-year period of psychoanalysis. During this process, I learnt a lot about my ‘psyche’ but this information remained at an intellectual level. In other words, I learnt how to speak but I still hadn’t mastered the skill of walking.

In my ‘real-life’ I was quite successful – in 1998, I won the Austrian Young Entrepreneur of the Year award – but the truth was that my inner-reality didn’t reflect this. I suffered from depression and relied on alcohol to hide this feeling of disconnect from myself. My sexuality felt like something mechanical, an impulse that came from somewhere outside of myself. I had absolutely no idea who I really was.

In 2010, I had my first experience of Tantra. I took part in a Skydancing training in Switzerland in a year long training with Aman Schröter the co teacher and co creator of Margot Anand sky dancing tantra, and at that point, my transformational journey really began. I learnt to feel compassion for the many emotional injuries my body still held onto from the past and to shift my perspective to seeing my body as the compass guiding me to the truth. From years of seeking what I needed ‘out there’, I started to look inside myself for the answers.

During the years that followed I became a Holistic Dance teacher, completed a yoga teacher-training in India, did two years of Group Dynamics and became an NLP master. In addition, I participated in the Hoffmann Process and learnt about my energy-body through mediumship sessions with Julia Assante.

When I first met John Hawken in 2017, I immediately felt the truth of what he had to teach me. Everything started to make sense – the pieces of my inner-puzzle began to slot together. My heart felt as though it had awakened from a long sleep and the energy in my body began to flow. I signed-up, there and then, for everything he had to teach!

I practise and teach Tantra with my partner, Sonia Sung and we are both members of the Paths of Transformation teaching faculty teaching workshops in London and Vienna.


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