Sonia Sung

The Path of Transformation

From “I have a body” to “I am my body”:

A Journey of Embodied Awakening and Empowering Sexuality

Imagine shifting from “I have a body” to becoming one with your body, a vessel not just for your existence, but for your essence. This isn’t a fleeting moment of awareness, but a radical transformation, a life infused with a sense of belonging, fulfillment, and pleasure.

Why Explore The Tantric Arts?

  • Embodied Awakening – Awaken your body’s sensations and become more present in the moment. This can lead to a deeper understanding and connection to oneself and the world around you.
  • Authentic Self – Discover and connect with your authentic self, which can lead to greater self-awareness, self-love, and self-acceptance.
  • Intimacy – Become more skilled at being intimate with others, developing deeper connections and communication, and experiencing greater pleasure and satisfaction in sexual relationships.
  • Sacred Sexuality – Create a sexuality that is truly sacred, honouring and celebrating the divine within yourself and your partners.
  • Becoming a Better Lover – Become a greater lover with better skills in communication, touch, and intimacy.
  • Resolving Relationship Conflicts – Navigate and resolve relationship conflicts and issues, fostering greater understanding, compassion, and connection with your partner.
  • Radical Self-Love – Develop radical self-love, accepting and embracing all aspects of yourself and cultivating a deep sense of self-worth.
  • Spiritual Alignment – Align your spiritual practices with your daily life and personal life, bringing greater awareness, intention, and purpose to all aspects of your being.
  • Touching the Divine – Discover how to touch the divine in another through your hands, creating a deep sense of connection, love, and unity.
  • Life-Force – Enable massive amounts of life-force energy to flow through your body, leading to greater vitality, health, and spiritual growth.

What You Will Learn in Our Workshops:

  • Tao Tantric Practices to activate energy
  • Meditations
  • Dance and Movement practices
  • Supporting your healing process
  • Tantric Massage
  • Tantric Rituals

About us

Sonia Sung

International Tantric teacher from John Hawken’s -The Path Of Transformation faculty.
Reiki Master. Woman’s sexuality coach.


Alexander Bauer

International tantra teacher from John Hawken’s -The Path Of Transformation faculty. NLP master. Certified professional Tantric massage therapist. Yoga and holistic dance teacher.

Upcoming Courses

Kissing The Snake : Taster Days ( 21 April & 5 May)

A taster day workshop into sexual healing transformation
with Jewels Wingfield & Sonia Sung

Interested in learning more about the week long immersion?
Interested to get a taste of the work, ask questions and more ?
Curious to explore sexual transformation in a safe
and gentle way ?

Welcome sister, come as you are, you’re not broken

You are a beautiful, powerful, wild, and deep woman waiting to be discovered. Like a diamond covered in a bit of dust. We have so much we would like to share with you and a passion to create a safe, slow, and gentle space where deep healing is not only possible but accessible to all.

Kissing The Snake Retreat (9-14 July 2024)

Reclaiming and fully living the Eros of the divine feminine
with Jewels Wingfield & Sonia Sung

A 6-day fully residential immersion for women who feel a longing to returning their sexuality to it’s rightful place as a holy energy in service to our own wholeness and to the healing power of Love

The Wild feminine and our Sacred Eros
Held on the beautiful wild land at EarthHeart with it’s 30′ forest temple and underfloor heating. We will journey together to heal our sexual past both on a personal level and a collective level. Reclaim what has been lost and stolen and bring it fully back into our own being.

As a circle of women, we will work release the toxic shame given to us, along with the years of numbness, violation and override. Our time together will be devoted to healing and freeing ourselves from the resulting fear we carry and embodying ourselves within the field of our own sexual power and potency.

We will honour the sacred intelligence of a woman’s body, and embrace the power we hold to potentize our sexual energy. We emerge clear and strong, once more on the throne of the High Priestess.

The Path of Dark Eros

Dark Eros is a term to describe sexuality which is connected with our first chakra, its about power (over or under), anger and revenge, guilt and shame, issues of self worth and empowerment. These issues paint our sexuality with this touch of darkness, as they are usually unconscious, sometimes obsessive, or threaten to break out of our conscious control. These existential issues can be healed and transformed through Tantric techniques of consciousness, heart fullness and an affirmation of the life-expressing energy of pleasure.
This workshop will help you to open up your playfulness and being naughty as well as transgress punishment into intensity and pleasure.

Workshop for intermediate and advanced Tantra Practitioners.Date to be confirmed * Coming soon *

Location: Koh Phangan, Thailand


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